7 Fun Printable Personality Tests for Students

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Are you a student looking for some fun way to spend idle time?

Or perhaps you are a parent looking for a hobby for your kids and teens to get rid of their boredom?

Maybe you are a teacher seeking an entertaining way to learn more about your students?

Whatever the case, you came into the right place. In this article, we share with you a fun activity that students can try at home or during class—answering personality tests!

Personality tests are a lot more beneficial than you might think. Whether taken at home, in school, or even at work, these tests are useful because they provide an overview of a person’s strengths and weaknesses. They help determine which path is the best to take to achieve success.

More importantly, they help build and strengthen relationships, as they provide a way to help people understand your likes and dislikes. They help you express yourself in an authentic way.

Today, we are sharing with you a few of the best personality tests out there. All of the tests on this list are free and printable.

Let’s check them out!

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1. Personality Instrument for Teens

Our first personality test is from Personality Academy, which aims to develop the traits related to emotional intelligence, like empathy, motivation, and consciousness. It is based on the Jungian Mental Mechanisms proposed by Carl Gustav Jung, which can help you discover and identify your “psychological type preferences” and “personality type lineup.”

This personality quiz is specifically for teens who are 13 years old and above. It contains 20 questions that assess your preferences and style, and the personality types that result are divided into four categories: extraversion/introversion, planned/spontaneous, hands-on/theoretical, and objective/subjective.

You can check out the link provided above to get straight to this test’s PDF version. Print it out and start having fun answering the questions. Reflecting and answering truthfully without hesitation is a great way to start understanding yourself.

2. The 5-Minute Personality Test

This particular personality test compares your results with four animals: lion, otter, golden retriever, and beaver. It claims that we are all a combination of the four, but the two types with the highest scores reveal where your personality is most inclined. Your highest score is your most dominant personality type, while your second highest is your sub-dominant.

Each animal has its strengths and weaknesses, and a list containing these traits is provided at the end of the test. You will also find interpretations and explanations at the end that help explain your behavior in relation to your personality. For instance, your desires and decision-making skills are related to your animal representation.

There are only a total of 10 questions, so this personality quiz is rather easy and quick to finish. It is best suited for teens, but it can also be a fun way to introduce the concept of “personality” to young children.

3. The Big Five Personality Test

Open Psychometrics has been offering free, printable personality tests and psychological assessments since 2011. It is a very simple website, without lots of fancy colors and intimidating designs, but it provides people a good way to understand psychology and the science behind the human mind.

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Personality tests help build and strengthen relationships, as they provide a way to help people understand your likes and dislikes.

One of the available resources is a PDF version of The Big Five Personality Test. If you want to find out which spectrum in the OCEAN (openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism) you are in, then this simplified, printable copy might just help.

Perhaps you already know that the “big five” is a widely referenced concept in psychology. If so, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to understand the test that goes along with it.

4. The Holland Code Test

The Holland Code Test is commonly used during career counseling and job interviews and assessments. It is most suitable for high school students who are about to enter college, or even college students who are about to start their working careers.

There are six categories that represent the different personality types. These include realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. This is why the Holland Code is commonly referred to as the RIASEC test.

The instructions for this personality test are simple, and you can complete it without adult guidance. You just have to read the scenarios and decide which one relates to you the most, and then tally the score when done. You will then discover which personality type you have and what career path will most likely make you happy and successful in the future.

5. True Colors Personality Test

The True Colors Personality Test is one of the most popular personality tests out there. It was created by Don Lowry in 1978 using the colors “blue,” “orange,” “gold,” and “green” to categorize the strengths and weaknesses of most young people and students.

When you take the test, you will be given a series of questions that help you rate your preferences. You can either have one primary color to represent you, or you can be a combination of two. This test aims to help you and the people around you understand your innermost thoughts and desires.

Once you click the link above, a word document with the True Colors Personality Test will automatically download. The download is safe—we have already tested it. Once you get a copy of it, you are ready to print, answer, and understand yourself better.

6. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

You have likely heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It is one of the most prominent personality indicator tests, along with the Big Five. The creators of this test are Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers (mother and daughter).

There are four categories that the test evaluates you for, including introversion/extraversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving. One letter from each category is noted in your result, producing a four-letter personality type (e.g., INFP, ENFP, INTJ).

The link provided above will only give you a simplified version of the personality test and an explanation of the results. If you want the full version, licensed psychologists and psychometricians can provide you with a copy, as well as a thorough explanation of your personality type.

7. Narcissistic Personality Inventory

Developed by Raskin and Hall in 1979, the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) measures a person’s narcissistic tendencies. This is not intended to diagnose narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Instead, it indicates where a person stands within the spectrum of narcissism.

The link we provided above gives you a printable version of the original NPI-40 (1980 version) and how it is supposed to be used. However, it does not contain an exact explanation of what your score means. You will need to do further research or ask a mental health professional.


As a parent or teacher, personality tests are a good way to understand children better. They can help you understand their behavior and what needs to be done to accommodate their needs better.

As a student, personality tests are a great way to understand yourself. Knowing your personality type can make life a little easier, especially when it gets confusing.

We hope that the personality tests we shared above are fun and help you get to know yourself better!

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