27 Therapeutic Coloring Pages for Kids

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Looking for a creative and exciting way to relieve your kids’ stress and anxiety?

You probably already know that coloring is a recommended activity for stress relief. Many experts claim that it has therapeutic benefits for your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Coloring is a great way to increase your happiness, and it’s equally beneficial for both adults and kids.

In this post, we share with you 27 therapeutic coloring pages for kids that can help you soothe your children’s moods and uplift their spirits.

Let’s check them out!

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1. Home, Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home | Dreamstime | coloring pages for kids pdf

via Dreamstime

Home is where the heart is, and it is important to remind your kids that, no matter what happens when they become older, they will always have a place to come home to.

2. Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters | Coloring Home | preschool coloring pages pdf

via coloringhome

Mental health is no joke, and kids need to learn how to treat people properly. It is time that we do away with the stigma that people suffering from mental health issues are to be avoided. Rather, they need our love and care. Kids should learn that it is perfectly OK to not be OK.

3. Be a Friend, Not a Bully!

Be a Friend Not a Bully | Coloring Home | coloring pages for kids disney

via coloringhome

Kids need to learn that bullying can have a significant negative impact on a person’s life. It is very important to teach children how to treat other people. The world needs love and care, not bullying.

4. Tiger’s Den

Tigers Den | Shutterstock | coloring pages for kids printable

via Shutterstock

Here we have an image from Shutterstock that illustrates a tiger surrounded by flowers. Although the coloring sheet must normally be paid for, it can be free if it is your first time downloading. You can try this out if your kid loves wild animals.

5. Pancakes & Berries for Breakfast

Pancakes & Berries for Breakfast | Dover Publications | coloring pages for girls

via doverpublications

Kids love food! This is why we decided to include this wonderful breakfast image from Dover Publications. The image is just so mouth-watering that we think children will love to color it while eating real pancakes and berries.

6. Girl with the Guitar

Girl with the Guitar | 123rf | coloring pages for kids online

via 123rf

If your little girls like music and instruments, then they might find this coloring page interesting. It might even inspire them to pursue a career in music. Relax their minds with this mandala-style sheet.

7. Life is Colorful

Life is Colorful | Clipart Library | free coloring pages

via clipart-library

Kids like things that are colorful because they see life in vibrant colors. Encourage this positive mindset by picking this coloring page for them.

8. Totoro in Doodleland

Totoro in Doodleland | le chocobo | coloring pages of animals

via lechocobo

Do your kids know Totoro? If so, then they will definitely love this sheet! Totoro is the cute, kind main character from “My Neighbor Totoro,” which was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki under Ghibli Studio. Parents like introducing Ghibli Films to their children because they are full of life lessons.

9. Gratitude Is Happiness

Gratitude Is Happiness | Phoenix Physical Therapy | coloring pages for kids printable

via phoenixphysicaltherapy

Even when they are young, kids need to learn the art of giving and receiving gratitude. Teach them how to be appreciative of others through this coloring page. “Thank you” is probably one of the simplest yet most powerful sentences one can ever speak.

10. Love Part 1 (for younger kids)

Love Part 1 for younger kids | BCPK | coloring pages for kids disney

via bestcoloringpagesforkids

This simple version is great for younger kids. Love is a wonderful feeling that people deserve to know and feel as soon as they open their eyes to the world.

11. Love Part 2 (for older kids)

Love Part 2 for older kids | BCPK | coloring pages for girls

via bestcoloringpagesforkids

This second version is for older kids, since it is a bit more complicated than the previous one. Even as your children grow up into teens and eventually adults, you should always make them feel loved.

12. Positive Emotions

Positive Emotions | AmandaIRL | preschool coloring pages pdf

via amandairl

We like this coloring page because it is simple but full of positive words that heal and calm the soul. While coloring, take the opportunity to explain to your kids what each of these emotions means.

13. I Am Happy

I Am Happy | AmandaIRL | coloring pages for kids pdf

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The more children are exposed to true happiness, the more they understand what it means to live a satisfying life. Help them remind themselves every day that they can be happy if they choose to do so.

14. I Am Life and Love

I Am Life and Love | AmandaIRL | coloring pages for kids online

via amandairl

Kids need to realize at an early stage that life and love comes from within them. Boost their morale by reminding them that their existence matters, especially to those who love and care for them.

15. Let Your Light Shine!

Let Your Light Shine | Etsy | coloring pages for kids pdf

via Etsy

Kids give off warm, bright auras, just like stars in the night sky. It is such a waste if we do not develop the light in their hearts. This coloring page the perfect statement to keep them brimming with warmth and passion.

16. Keep Calm, Believe in Yourself

Keep Calm Believe in Yourself | Dover Publications | coloring pages for kids disney

via doverpublications

One thing that kids should learn while they are still young is that they are capable of many things. Kids can be emotional, and a bit of discouragement can bring them down. As parents, it is our duty to support them and help them realize that they are loved and valued.

17. Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart | gurussay | coloring pages for kids to print

via gurussay

Here is another thing that kids need to learn—whatever the circumstances are, it is important to follow your heart.

18. You Are So Loved!

You Are So Loved | primarygames | coloring pages for kids animals

via primarygames

It is very important to instill love in the minds of our children. There are times when we may run out of patience because of their childish ways, but always remember to tell them that they are loved.

19. Best Friends

Best Friends | primarygames | coloring pages for kids online

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Here is a coloring page that your kids can work on when they are with their best friends. Best friends are rare blessings, and every kid should have one.

20. Travel the World, Child

Travel the World Child | Etsy | coloring pages for kids cars

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Let your children wander and learn about the world. Do not restrict their dreams and aspirations. One day, they will have to leave home, but until then, be the support they need to grow up healthy, happy, and free-spirited.

21. Disney Princesses for Girls

Disney Princesses for Girls | coloring life | coloring pages for kids

via coloring-life

This is a coloring sheet for girls (or boys!) who are fond of Disney princess characters. They might want to color this with their circle of friends.

22. Cars for Boys

Cars for Boys | Just Color | coloring pages for kids boys

via justcolor

Of course, we also have an entry for boys (or girls who love cars!). Here’s an image of Lightning McQueen’s gang, ready for your kids’ creative input.

23. I Can Do Hard Things

I Can Do Hard Things | art is basic | coloring pages for kids princess

via artisbasic

We really love coloring pages with positive statements! Here is one that can build your kids’ mental strength and self-confidence. They need to believe that they can so that they will.

24. Don’t Give Up!

Dont Give Up | art is basic | coloring pages for kids unicorn

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When things get difficult, remind your kids that it is okay to rest for a while, but that they should never quit. Life can be tiring sometimes, but it is also wonderful and exciting. There are so many reasons to keep on going.

25. Kids Only

Kids Only | Mom Junction | free coloring pages for kids/printables

via momjunction

Your kids will love to color this and hang it on their door. Respect your children’s boundaries and they will learn to do the same for others.

26. Ice Cream Time

Ice Cream Time | coloring pages | printable therapeutic coloring pages for kids

via coloring-pages-printable

Our last two entries are food images. What is more therapeutic than eating your favorite food? Have your kids color this special illustration and then spend some more bonding time at their favorite ice cream parlor.

27. Burger & Fries

Burger and Fries | tulamama |free therapeutic coloring pages for kids

via tulamama

Are your kids getting hungry? Here are some burgers and fries to comfort them whenever they feel down. Life is all about filling our stomachs—and our lives—with happiness!


Kids are prone to anxiety and stress. Even a slight mistake can make them worry a lot. They are still young, and they still have a lot to figure out about the world and themselves.

This is why they need us to support them. Our presence matters to them more than we can imagine. So, as much as you can, be sure to make them feel that they are not alone and that you are willing to help.

We hope that these therapeutic coloring pages for kids can help you accomplish this goal. Be a person your children can look up to and a supportive force throughout their lives.

Finally, if you want to want to see MORE free coloring pages?, then check out these 35 coloring page options that all adults can enjoy.

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