60 Affirmations to Experience a Positive Change in Your Life

affirmations for change | affirmations for trying new things | affirmations to change mindset

Dealing with change is challenging for many people. The fear of the unknown makes us resist new circumstances, even though change is often a good thing. Because we can’t fight the inevitable, practicing affirmations for change can help you cope with the situations that come your way. They can help you step outside your comfort … Read more

19 Life Purpose Examples to Find Your True Purpose

life purpose examples | what is your purpose in life | my purpose in life essay examples

Since the dawn of time, philosophers and common people alike have mused over the idea of a “life purpose.”   But what defines one’s life purpose? And what should yours be? In simplest terms, a life purpose is your reason (or reasons) for getting up in the morning. True purpose can guide your decisions. It will … Read more

50 Inspiring Affirmations for Artists to Master Their Craft

affirmations for artists | mantras for artists | affirmations for creativity

Nobody knows how many promising artists give up their craft because they lack self-confidence. You can act on your creative impulses and express yourself through art when you believe in your abilities. However, even the most productive creatives can feel burnt-out, and a blank canvas looks intimidating when you’re grappling with an artist’s block. To … Read more

37 Personal Purpose Statement Examples and Ideas

personal purpose statement examples | personal mission and vision statement examples | personal mission statement definition

So much of life has gone by an, yet, I still have so much more I want to accomplish. I want people to know what I stand for and that I made a difference. Have you ever felt like this? Like you need a roadmap for your life? Well, a personal purpose statement is that roadmap. In this post, I’ll offer … Read more

81 Personal Mottos Ideas & Examples to Live By

personal motto | what is the best motto in life | best motto in life for students

Have you hit a wall? Perhaps you feel like life is just a case of the same challenges, different day, right?  Well, you aren’t alone.  We all reach that point of feeling like our lives have no purpose, until we find a motto to live by. Your personal motto is your Holy Grail, and it … Read more

11 Steps to Stop Living in the Past and Put It Behind You

how to stop living in the past | how to stop dwelling on the past and start moving forward | how to stop living in the past relationships

It finally happened. A wonderful person or opportunity came knocking on your door, but you froze. You just couldn’t move forward to let them in because someone or something in your past still grips your heart and mind. You want to move forward in your life but don’t know where to begin. It’s okay. We’re … Read more

Happiness VS Contentment: Which Should You Seek in Life?

happiness vs contentment | contentment is happiness | difference between happiness and contentment

The pursuit of happiness is an exceedingly common idea… and one many people seek. In fact, many people will spend much of their life on this pursuit… without ever really getting to where they want to be. The search for happiness is a kind of shorthand for the notion of the freedom, knowledge or opportunity … Read more

7 Steps to Live a More Purposeful Life

how to live a purposeful life | benefits of living a purposeful life | importance of living a purposeful life

Repetition. Boredom. Déjà vu. We’ve all been there. Wake up, go to work, come home have dinner, watch television… go to bed. Repeat. Sure, you are functioning… but do you have purpose in your life? Are you incorporating things into your days that bring you excitement and joy? Are you doing something that matters? If you … Read more

35 David Goggins Quotes for Living a Purposeful Life

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“Don’t let your body or mind do exactly what it wants to do! Take control!” – David Goggins David Goggins believes in accountability. If you want to be successful in life, you’ve got to take full control of your decisions and stay true to whatever you believe in—and that includes owning liability for whatever will … Read more

I Don’t Know What to Do With My Life: 5 Steps to Discover Your Life Purpose

I dont know what to do with my life | life purpose examples | how to find your purpose and passion in life

Have you ever felt that your existence in this big universe is dispensable, that you are a tiny speck that will not be remembered for a long time? Do you think that you are living a self-absorbed life with nothing to look forward to? Do you feel that you are living a monotonous life where … Read more